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My ljbeetle has unfroze. I do use my fancy phone all the time. I am very dependent upon it. I try exercises of leaving it off for periods of time and/or keep it in my purse during work. Communication has never been a major keystone in my personality. I mask things with quirk.

I haven't a desire to lure you onto my side. Moar for the brains all ready.

The elimination process has become trivial.

My time is precious.
Keeping close to topic, yours truly would much rather practice my cursive handwriting than read on a social networking website about how horrible your life is coz not one wants to hang out with you.

My day has been fantastic. I admire those that enjoy communication. Right on, lil buggers. I don't care. Be you! I am above that : P

I miss writing. I logically could never see it as more than a hobby. My journal recieved a poetic version.

It reminded me of how I started to realize the self absorbed zombies around me. I humor myself via internet nonstop lately. I haven't been this entertained in eons.

If only I didnt have to work all the time. I do miss some of my humans I truly care about..

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