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9.91% tax
Staring at this sandwich o.O
I go to eat a piece of my side first. This is the everlasting problem that is the underline. I have consumed a spear and am content. I stare at the sandwich. I want you sandwich. You smell fantastic! And I know taste is 90% smell! Is it worth it?

I have a knack for living life by the small fill. I can handle the sandwich.. don't get me wrong. I just don't know if I want it anymore.

And if for one second you don't think I deserve to be full of only the premium fine foods than you can choke on a dick. I have a right to be satiated to the top degree. And yeah fuck. This sandwich reminds me of how I know I need it. But I can't bring myself to do it.

Some people need a giant neon arrow and tutors. My inspirations come in all shapes and sizes. I am the best thing you can ever imagine.

I am so good when applied that I astonish myself. I suppose I sound arrogant and cocky. Easier read than understood. This is really happening. You are not receiving this in error.

Yes. I am frightened by growing old in almost every way possible. I am too intelligent to let certain methods sway me from my goals. Stealth mode activated. It is about to get serious.

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